Surgical ProceduresWhere quality counts and gentle care is king, Animal Medical Center of Jupiter is able to offer the state-of-the-art surgical procedures, whether it is a complex process or a simple neutering. One of our best options is our laser surgery. With a wide variety of benefits and the ability to help along the healing process, it is plain to see why so many choose laser therapy for dogs over traditional methods.

What is Laser Surgery?

Use of the Veterinary Laser provides a fundamentally different approach to surgery. In laser surgery, a highly focused laser beam can efficiently ablate (either vaporize or chip away) the living tissue. At the same time, it seals capillaries, small blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerve endings, with significant benefits to both patients and veterinarians.

Laser Surgery Benefits for Animals

Decreased Bleeding during Surgery: As it cuts, the laser seals small blood vessels. This drastic reduction in bleeding enables a number of new surgical procedures that are not practical with a conventional scalpel.

Decreased Pain: The laser seals nerve endings resulting in less tissue damage and pain. The patient will experience a significantly more comfortable post-operative recovery.

Lower Risk of Infection: The laser kills bacteria at the incision site, greatly reducing the risk of post-operative infections.

More Rapid Recovery Time: With less bleeding, pain, swelling, and a reduced risk of infection, the patient is more likely to experience a quicker recovery after surgery.

​Soft Tissue Laser Surgery
Generally used to repair the chest, abdomen, ear, nose throat and skin, soft tissue laser therapy surgery can also safely remove tumor masses, declaw in a humane way, and help with so much more. With all the benefits of normal laser surgery and a gentler approach, your pets can be healed safely and effectively at our animal hospital in Jupiter.