Nutritional CounselingMuch like with humans, having proper nutrition, weight maintenance and exercise habits can dramatically change your pet’s life.

We firmly believe that a good diet can mean the difference between unhealthy and thriving, and we also understand that you may feel lost in the world of animal nutrition and pet food. Trying to give your furry friend their best chance, but not knowing how to navigate those waters, can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, full of trial and error. Fortunately, our pet care at Animal Medical Center of Jupiter, we know what your pet needs best, and are committed to providing just that.

Our veterinarian’s first step is to meet with you and give your pet a thorough physical exam at our animal clinic. By evaluating age, breed, species, condition, history, and other issues which may be present, we can carefully determine your friend’s nutritional needs and begin to develop an inclusive diet plan that will address those needs. On top of this physical exam, we want to make sure that your pet is in his best shape, and that, as with humans, includes his weight.

Weight management is an important part of maintaining a healthy pet. While it may not be for aesthetic purposes like we so often assume for ourselves, keeping your pet at a healthy weight can be the biggest disease preventer while lengthening the life of their joints, keeping them healthier and pain-free, longer.

We carefully consider factors that influence senior pets, large breeds, and diseases your pet may already have, and then formulate a quality diet pet care plan that is as unique as your pet is. With brands like The Science Diet, Purina and Royal Canin, and a team of experts who are ready and excited to help your pet, you really can’t go wrong.

​Contact our animal clinic in Jupiter today and schedule your nutritional counseling session to see what we can do for you!