GroomingOne of the keys to a healthy pet is frequent grooming and bathing by an expert grommer they trust. At AMC, we do everything we can to make your pet comfortable while we provide some of the best and most thorough pet grooming services in the Jupiter, Florida area.

​Nail Trims, Ear Cleaning, Hand Drying, and Conditioning Treatments are included in all Pet Grooming Services!

From teeth brushing to trimming nails, making sure they are clean and happy, our pet groomers offer services that are just like a day out to the spa for all our pets. Highly recommended for those pets who need more than a monthly bath, our grooming services include an oxygen-infused bath to restore energy, brushing, drying, a trim if necessary, cleaning ears and anal glands, and so much more.

We accomodate all breeds of dogs and cats. You will be able to speak with one of our professional dog or pet groomers to decide the perfect cut for your pampered pet.

​Specializing In:

  • Breed Specific Show Cuts
  • Puppy Cuts
  • Shave Downs
  • Hygiene Cuts
  • De-Matting
  • Brush Outs
  • Hand Drying (No Cage Dryers!)
  • Lion Cuts (for Cats)
  • Teeth Brushing


Whether you have a puppy or a full grown dog, we have the specialized groomer services that will make them look fresh, healthy and happy. We tailor our services to fit the pet, so you never have to worry about us performing a service you don’t want, or charging you for something your pet doesn’t need. A deep, thorough and comforting clean is just one bath away!

Medical Bathing

Sometimes our pets get into messes, develop conditions, and are followed by a posse of bugs. When those times come, we have the pet groomer services you need. Our medical bathing for pets is a series of services dedicated to healing your pet from ailments, getting rid of fleas, helping skin conditions, and more in a comfortable and happy environment.

Get the service you need at a place your pet will love, and let us take care of the rest. Contact Jupiter’s leading pet groomers today if you have questions about our process, and treat your furry friend to a remarkable clean!