Rely On Our Emergency Vet For Digital Rediography Innovative Diagnostic Imaging At Its Finest

Known to most as an X-ray, a radiograph works by firing high-frequency X-rays, which move past less dense material like skin and soft tissue, and reflect off of denser material like bone or organs. This process allows the our emergency vet a glimpse at what lies underneath the surface, in a sense, seeing inside of your animal.

Traditional radiography usually consisted of large amounts of radiation, exposing both veterinarian and animal, but since the advance of medicine, we now have available to us a digital version of the traditional method. Reducing radiation, making images easier to read, faster to send and more efficient to capture, the process is completely painless, completely safe, and far better than any other method.

In the case where your emergency vet may need a closer look at your pet, a digital radiograph may be recommended. This gives us the opportunity to see if bones are broken, weakened, or out of place, and also allows us to evaluate the health of different organs. This process is imperative to finding out just what kind of effect a medical condition is having on the internal structure of your pet, and what we can do to help heal these symptoms.

With a specialist on-call to get a deeper look at any X-rays we take, our animal hospital is dedicated to providing your pets with an unsurpassed excellence.

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