Orthopedic Surgery

Surgery/DiagnosticsIn addition to our laser therapy surgery, we offer the best in orthopedic pet surgery in Jupiter. Getting to the source and healing lameness by repairing bones and joints, watch as your pets transform in front of your eyes.


In order to properly heal any animal, it is important to have remarkably accurate veterinarian diagnostic procedures. Because your pets can’t communicate with you what hurts, what is wrong, or what they are feeling, it is even more important to be able to see the signs, recognize symptoms and have the equipment to predict problems with unmatched effectiveness. With comprehensive pre-anesthetic protocols, ECG, digital radiography, an in-house laboratory, ultrasounds, endoscopy, and more, our animal hospital has the equipment to diagnose to perfection.

​Contact us Jupiter’s leading pet surgery facility today to see why we offer all of these things. You care about your pet, and so do we.