Pet Adoptions

We believe that everyone should enjoy living life alongside a pet at least once in their life.

A pet can bring a lot of joy to your life, and there are so many great reasons to adopt a dog or cat. Pets deserve to be loved unconditionally, just like you and me, but unfortunately there are over 3.9 million dogs and 3.4 millions cats in shelters around the United States. Sadly, 2.7 million animals (1.4 millions cats and 1.2 million dogs) are euthanized each year, but you can help.

Reasons To Adopt A Pet

You'll save a life! To us, a shelter pet is more than just one in a million, they're actually one in 2.7 million. Yes, that's the number of adoptable pets in the United States that are euthanized each year, simply because not enough people are adopting. If more people adopted their animals, the number of euthanizations would be dramatically reduced.

You'll get an amazing animal!

All animals deserve to be loved, and many animals that are happy and healthy in shelters are just waiting to be loved. Many animals end up in a shelter in the first place because of a human problem, such as a divorce or a move, not because the animal did something wrong.

You'll get a bargain!

Adopting an animal is far less expensive than going through a breeder, and they're filled with love! Most animals that are adopted are already spayed or neutered, and they have had their first round of vaccinations. Moreover, many of our animals are microchipped too. You'll get a great deal on adoption pets, which can't be beat. After all, they'll be giving you sweet kisses and purrs for many years to come!

You'll have bragging rights!

Everyone loves a person who chooses to adopt. Many people view adopting pets from a shelter as heroic. Adopt a pet and enjoy telling your pet's story to friends and family for years to come.

Adopting is another way to fight puppy mills!

Puppy mills are basically the "factory-style" of breeding. Breeding facilities like this are only after the profit of dogs. They're not really after the health or to make sure puppies are getting put in caring homes, instead they're after money. Animals that come from puppy mills often come out sick and go years without human companionship, bringing them up with very little joy. Animals who are rescued from puppy mills are often brought to shelters, like ours, to be adopted off to families who will love them for the rest of their lives!

Your home's decor will often thank you!

Did you know that many animals you adopt are already house trained? This means that not only are you saving the life of an animal, but you're saving the rugs in your home too!

Pets are great for your health!

Not only are pets great for your health, but an adopted pet will provide you a boost of self-esteem too. Pets bring us unconditional love that can't be found anywhere else, and studies have shown that they provide us with emotional, psychological and physical benefits. Caring for an animal has also been shown to give many people a sense of purpose in life, leaving you feeling less lonely and no longer in isolation.

Lastly, you'll change a homeless animal's entire world! Adopting an animal is receiving a new best friend. To us, nothing is better than that. ​Stop by Animal Medical Center of Jupiter to learn more about the animals we have up for adoption today!

"Couldn’t have made my experience any better! I came from out of town and needed my dog checked out and the staff was SO friendly and helpful and thorough. I love this place and will definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you so much for treating my dog like family!"

Hanna S